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We are happy to continue our service on WorkClass. WorkClass is the leading front line job portal in Singapore. They offer jobs from all verticals including production, warehouse, admin and customer service. WorkClass was founded in 2020 and quickly became the leading portal in Singapore and South East Asia. 

According to WorkClass, on their website they write “WorkClass is the number 1 job platform for non-executive jobs. We have a wide range of part-time and full-time jobs in all locations. Choose between logistics, f&b, customer serive and admin jobs. Many jobs do not require any experience and you can start immediately. Over 5,000 employers are hiring with WorkClass. We help you to find a job in 24 hours.“ Further: They are fortunate to be backed by some of the best investors including 500 Startups, Goodwater Capital, Antler and Kistefos and we have been featured on Business Times, CNA, and many more. Our mission is to help everyone to find a job in 24 hours with best-in-class matching algorithms. 

On their website they list jobs and tackle questions such as ‘How to find a high paying part time job?‘

How to find a high paying part-time job?

From their articles, we quote: Finding a high-paying part time job is not an easy task. But with the right knowledge and tools, it can be made very easy. The first step is to identify your skills and find out what you are best at. You should also have a clear idea about what you want to do for the rest of your life, so that you can make better decisions about the jobs that you apply for.

To find high-paying part time jobs, you need to go where they are advertised. You might want to use Google alerts or RSS feeds on sites like Indeed, Glassdoor and Monster for job postings in your area of interest or expertise. Another way would be to use LinkedIn as it has many more jobs than other sites. Part time jobs can be found here

WorkClass is also focused on Production and Warehouse jobs. They have plenty of informative martial:

What do I Need to Know about Working as a Production Operator?

Production Operators are responsible for overseeing the manufacturing process of products. They are in charge of checking the quality and quantity of the products being manufactured.

Production Operators have a wide variety of tasks and responsibilities, including, but not limited to: checking for defects in finished goods, inspecting incoming raw materials and components, inspecting machinery for safety hazards, monitoring equipment operation and maintaining equipment records, controlling inventory levels by ordering parts or raw materials as needed, and keeping production records. Find Production Operator jobs here

How do I find a warehouse job?

A warehouse is a place where goods are stored and distributed. Warehouses can contain anything from food to shoes. The warehouse staff is responsible for the storage, picking, packing and distribution of these goods.

The warehouse industry has been growing steadily in recent years due to the surge in e-commerce and online shopping. Retailers need warehouses to store their products before they are shipped to customers’ homes. The demand for warehouses will continue to rise as more retailers move their business online.

Warehouse jobs tend to be physically demanding, but they have many benefits such as good pay, flexible schedules and opportunities for promotion. Find a warehouse job

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