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How To Evaluate Yourself For Job Fit & Match

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Now that you realised the importance of getting a good job fit and match, the thing to do next is to evaluate yourself and see what type of jobs suit you. In this article, we will focus on the "you" part. That is how to evaluate yourself. There are basically a few ways to go about doing that.


One can simply pay money for those psychological and character tests that are widely commercially available. Or you can also do it by yourself. Of course, most experts would recommend that you pay the money to get a good reading of yourself and not simply do it by yourself as you may get it all wrong and end up in a wrong job. We would of course recommend taking a proper test and reading but we are also at the same time practical and understanding of fresh job seekers' financial situation and therefore suggest an cheaper alternative way for you to evaluate yourself.


Actually, anybody who read management books or read those self-help books will know the basic Strength and Weakness of Oneself Approach. But most of the time, we discovered people just read & understand this famous basic principle and not actually practising it. Don't just read and keep in mind. Don't be lazy. Take action now! Go get a sheet of paper and draw a line in the middle. Write Strength and Weakness on both partition sides.


Before proceeding further, we will highlight to you the importance of doing this basic homework. We know some class clowns would always sneer and disagree with whatever a teacher says.


Would anyone enter a singing contest and perform on a stage if one knows that they cannot sing at all and is out of tune half the time. Or would one dare to drive in a motor car rally if he knows himself that he cannot handle the high speed driving conditions of a motor rally. What will be the end result if a foolish soul do both of the examples given above. More likely, he embarrassed himself in front of audience in the singing contest and also get himself killed in the motor car rally example.


Knowing one's strength and weakness, will prevent one from attempting something foolish or do anything that is not within their capabilities. Knowing one's limitations will prevent one from driving a busload full of passengers when that person's skill and judgment in driving are bad. Other people lives are at stake here. Such is the importance of knowing one's personal strength and weakness.


Enough of emphasizing the importance of knowing one's strength and weakness. Here is one very easy and lazy way of writing down strength and weakness. It is simply to open up a dictionary and start flicking through from the letter "a" to "z" and write down all those character describing words and see if it applies to you.


This exercise is also very useful for you later when those irritating interviewers asked you to describe yourself. You then would not be too tongue tied and run out of words to describe yourself. You can also show them what wonderful vocabulary you have. This is another hot tip from us that you cannot do without. Get that distinct advantage by doing this exercise immediately after reading this article. A stone that kills few birds is a magical stone that everyone is searching. You have it in your hands on and you only need to throw it.


To digress a bit, now that you have written down the character describing words on the two partition sides label "Strength" and "Weakness", you still have to do the very important thing of memorising at least 10 qualities of your good points and perhaps 1 or 2 bad points or weakness. You don't want to look too perfect and infallible when interviewer asked their favourite but irritating describe your strength and weakness question. The point of memorising is to make it look natural and smooth in an interviewing session. With practice, you will look extremely confident and articulate and not like a tongue tied fumbling inexperienced idiot.


Back to our topic, you should now know what kind of jobs to avoid and what kind of jobs you can excel or capable of after analyzing yourself. You can then don't need to waste time on those jobs that you know you are weak in and go for those jobs that you can out run the rest. Why run in a top class running contest when you know you are going to be last? Why don't you go and run in a lower class contest and be the first? But if you want to run in a top class running contest, please take note we are not stopping you or giving you our disapproval.


The idea here is only to focus on the strength and weakness part of a person's character. We are disregarding and putting aside other ideas of achieving a sense of achievement by competing in a top class contest or "if you never try you never know" thinking etc.. As people comes from all sorts of life and are different in many ways, they are the only ones who know who they are, what they are like, how they are like and what are their strength and weakness capabilities. They will be the one making the judgement calls and decide for themselves which final contest they want to run.


Such an exercise towards knowing your strength and weakness allows you to patch up your weakness and bit more aware of your own capabilities limitations. You can choose to improve on those limitations or if cannot be improved have an idea where the stop line is and avoid trouble. One can save one's own skin by knowing where the stop line is and ask for additional assistance or training to go by that stop line.


Besides knowing your own strength and weakness, you have to know what are you likes and dislikes. Do the same thing and write down on a piece of paper all your likes on one side of the page and your dislikes on the other side. Together with your earlier strength and weakness paper, you have a potent combination that can knock off all competitors and get that right job that matches you perfectly. Of course, you need to do a bit of research of what jobs suit you, what did they do, how they roughly go about doing it, what are the requirements of the jobs, what trainings are needed etc.. You must always remember to ask questions about the jobs when interviews asked if you have any questions for them. This not only shows interest in the job, it will also help you decide if the job fits you and match exactly all aspects of your criteria or requirements.


With most of the basic work done, you are now ready to look for a job. Have fun and watch out for our next article to assist you further in your search for the dream job.

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