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What You Need To Do Before Even Think Of Looking For A Job

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Ever wonder why some people are happy in their jobs and some people are not. Aren't you curious why some people simply love their jobs and can work all the time while you are dragging your body to wake up each morning to work? Maybe you think they are faking their enthusiasm and deep down in their heart they are like you who only look forward to 5 p.m. everyday. Sure, everybody got their ups and downs. But their ups seems to be far exceeding your downs in your job and they seem to be smiling every other day. Let me show you part of their secret for being happy with their job.


By now, anyone who has read books or research on finding jobs will find a beginning favourite Job Tip on every human resource author's lips or books. What am I talking about ? That's right, Job Fit or Job Match. Every good human resource article or book has been harping on job fit or job match before even looking for a job. It has become so trendy and fashionable for every book or article to state this before embarking further. Sometimes, one get tired of the message and ignored it totally. Chances are most people do not even think that it is important. Maybe some do not have the luxury to choose what type of jobs that will fit them perfectly.


Whatever the case maybe for not thinking of finding a job that fits you perfectly, it is still a very important stepping stone towards your happiness in your job and long term career plan. Just pause and consider this few questions. Would you go to a war in a terrain without any maps given a map can be obtained easy? Or would you drive in a foreign country without any road maps? Think and consider what are the chances of your success of finding your way to your desired destination without any road maps? Would you like to go in circles and keep stopping and asking people for directions? Imagine how much time and efforts are saved with a road map in your hand!


Ever had a friend who seems to be always resigning and changing jobs? Looking a little bit lost career wise and appears to be like a fish swimming in circles? While another of your friend seems to be having the world at his feet and moving very rapid in his career. Sure, your successful friend may be lucky or blessed with good looks. Might it be possible that your friend has that little bit of advantage of the knowledge that helps him what he is today. Bet, he will not tell you how he did it.


Not convinced of understanding the importance of job fit and match. How about you try to go and meet your friend wearing a very ill-fitting and not matching colour shirts and pants? Would you look like a fool and a clown with mismatched attire?


Still confused what is the Job Tip that I am presenting to you? Yes, You got it. What you need is a road map of yourself, the type of jobs desired that will fit you and what you wanted or always dreamed to be. Don't be like all the ignorant majority; who too read the human resource books or articles about job fit or job match but sadly they do not truly follow. They just read for the sake of reading or reading for the sake of showing to others that they are reading.


Get the distinct advantage that I have presented by making you seriously consider a road map of job fit and job match for yourself for total happiness and a excellent career forward. You are already one up on the rest when you pause and seriously consider what I told you. Most people don't. They just read through and never bother a second thought. Or maybe most authors are not marketers like me who knows very well how to present a point across that makes you sit up or should I say :  "Why didn't I realise that?".


If you religiously and seriously dissect my words, you would be puzzled why did I mention excellent career forward in the earlier paragraph. Mmm, why did the author say a excellent career forward for people who listen to him?. What does he want me to see?


Very simply, a happy person in a desired job is excellent productivity and unmatched enthusiasms. I would literally need to drag you away from your job or work or "leisure". You loved what you are doing so much that you would call your job or work as your leisure or hobby. And most likely, a happy person in their job will be wondering : Huh, what overtime is everybody talking about?.


Now, you see the power of being happy in your job and an excellent career forward. All this begins with a very humble job fit and job match tip. Don't just read like every others do, pause and sit back and think once in a while. Or maybe go find a better book that is written like a true marketer who can bring the point across and knock it into readers head. Can't blame most authors; they are authors with great ideas. They need people like me to drill it into people or else I too got no job. Just kidding.


Anyway, now that you have been sufficiently trained to hold a rifle, you can now poise and bluff the enemy. The loading of bullets and firing of rifle will be reserved for next article. Enjoy bluffing the enemy for now.

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