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  • This Help Page aims to answer the queries of Job Seekers & Employers.

  • Please take your time to read this page. All your questions will be answered here.

  • If you have any other questions, please email :

Employers Questions & Answers

How wide & extensive is the reach of is listed on Ministry of Manpower's, a government website dedicated to helping residents of Singapore to find employment. is also one of the selected websites powering Ministry of Manpower's Job Search. This shows how popular we are & the number of jobs postings being many enough to assist the government. is listed on many popular search engines like MSN, Yahoo & Google. When you key in "Singapore Jobs", we come up either No.1 or at the very top popular ranking among so many competing job websites. With a No.1 or very top ranking & popularity, we receive lots of web traffic whenever job seekers go online in their job search. also has the interlinking support from its own Popular Network sites like,, & Our Popular Network sites help to bring more traffic & exposure to our websites, thus enhancing our web traffic volume which other standalone sites find it very to duplicate. With our own Popular Network websites, we are not dependent on others & are able to continue to have this interlinking support unlike other websites that may have partner's disagreements or fallout after a while.

Besides all the above, we regularly advertise & market our websites on the Strait Times, Zaobao, Today for additional exposure & enhancement of our presence. In fact, you may have visited us after noticing our advertisements in the papers.

Why advantages do you provide against offline Job Ads?

The main advantages we have are that we are very much cheaper & have longer exposure for the equivalent price in offline job ads. You can also post more job ad details & even your company profile to enhance your company presence in the market.

Which company is in charge of this website What is the background?

Anderson Internet Advertising Pte Ltd (Singapore Company Reg No : 200906104G) is in charge of this website. We are a registered company with Singapore's Registry of Business & Companies. We are open & transparent in our background. There is nothing to hide. For more details, please go to "About Us" on the Main Home Page.

What services are provided for Employers?

Employers are able to list their job vacancies into our database for Job Seekers to apply. Employers are also able to make use of our resume search service to search our resume database for suitable candidates in addition to getting applications via posting job vacancies on our website.

Are your charges expensive?

Definitely Not Expensive, our rates are very competitive & value for money. Our basic 1 Job Ad costs only S$20 for 30 days exposure & you can post so much more details as compared to a normal S$30 3-line ad in the newspaper for 1 day exposure. We also allow you to search for 200 resumes for FREE in our job seekers database to supplement your job posting responses.

What are your charges for Job Ads & Resume Search?

Each Job Ad posting is for 60 days duration. We have different packages for different amount of  job ads & resumes search. See Table Below for better clarification:-


Employment Agencies Promo

A sponsor has been found to sponsor Free Unlimited Job Ads For Employment Agencies.

Simply, register an account and email : to activate.

For unlimited resumes search & view contact, the price is $50 per mth, min 6 mths.

Note : Promo not applicable to tuition agencies, MLM ads or insurance job ads.


Cost of Job Ad & Duration

If you order 3 job ads, the total cost is S$60. You have 3 months to post the 3 jobs ads & view the 600 free resume view contact from our job seeker database. 1 job ad is for 60 days duration.

Note : Plan is not for insurance agencies. No MLM job ads or unregistered companies orders.

Jobs Ads

Job Ads & Resumes Usage Period

Price Per Job Ad

Resumes View Contact

Featured Job Ads

1 - 20

3 mths

S$20 Per Job Ad

200 Per Job Ad

Extra S$5 Per Job Ad

21 - 50

6 mths

S$15 Per Job Ad

250 Per Job Ad

Extra S$5 Per Job Ad

51 - 100

6 mths

S$13 Per Job Ad

300 Per Job Ad

Extra S$5 Per Job Ad

Unlimited Job Ads


S$240 Per 3 mths / $450 Per 6 mths / $720 Per Year

1500 Per Mth

Unlimited Featured Job Ads


Table Explanation : If you order between 1 to 20 job ads, the cost is S$20 per job ad & you will get free 200 resumes view contact per job ad from our instant job seeker database. Example : You order 3 job ads, the cost is S$60 & you will get 600 free resume view contact from our database. 1 Job Ad is online 60 days.

Must a Employer register before using your services? And how to register?

Yes, Employer must register before using our services. Registration is simply & easy. Click on "Employers Registration" on the left navigation of Main Home Page & submit data.

What does Employer do or expect after registration?

A email notification will be send to Employer's email based on email submitted. Upon such email notification that account is ready, then Employers can then login in with the Email & Password. Employers then need to submit order to us their selection. Employers then need to submit order to us their selection. Employer cannot post job ad or search resumes till the order is submit to Admin & credited into Employer's account by Admin.

How does Employer submit order?

Simply email order to : the number of job ads & number of resumes view contact you want to order. We will then credit your account within few hours for you to post job ads & view resumes contact. Meanwhile we will wait for your cheque payment. Note : Payment must reach us within 3 days of your order. No invoice will be sent unless requested. Invoice will be by fax only.

How does Employer pay for the plan package selected?

Pay By Credit Card
Pay By Cheque

Anderson Internet Advertising Pte Ltd

68C Jalan Lapang, Singapore 419011, note : "C" after "68" in the address.

Do you send invoice to Employers? When must Employer pay? How to send payment?

Yes, we will send invoice requested via fax. Cheque Payment is expected within 7 days. Cheques are payable to "Anderson Internet Advertising Pte Ltd", 68C Jalan Lapang, Singapore 419011.

How can Employers post a Job Ad after registering? Will my Job Ad be up right away?

Wait for Email Notification that Account is set up. Then login & click "Post Job Ad" Section on the left navigation. Submit details & click "Save". Yes, your Job Ad will be online right away. Tips : To speed up your Job Posting, Copy & Paste details of Job Ad from your saved copy. It will be faster than typing directly into our form fields.

Can Employers edit a Job Ad after posting?

Yes, Employer can edit a Job Ad. Just login & click "My Job Ads" Section on the left navigation. Select the Job Ads to be edited & click "Edit Jobs".

Can Employers repost or renew a Job Ad that is going to expire?

Yes, you can. For reposting or renewing, it will be treated as a new Job Ad & it will be deduct off your allocated ads. To repost or renew, simply go to "My Job Ads" & select "Renew".

Can Employers do mass repost or renewal of Job Ads?

Yes, you can. Go to "My Job Ads" & select which Job Ad to renew and click "Select All" at the bottom right hand side, then click "Renew Selected" only once. Your selected Job Ads have been renewed. Take note that your display will continue to show your selection as it is not refreshed only. To refresh, go to other sections of your Employer Section & come back in to "My Job Ads".

Can Employers hide the Identity to become "The Advertiser"?

Yes, you can. When posting Job Ad, select "Hide Information" for "Company Name". It will automatically become "The Advertiser". Note : Response is usually not good if you hide your identity.

Can Employers hide the Contact Number or Email in Job Ad?

Yes, you can. When posting Job Ad, select "Hide Information" for "Tel" & "Email". Remember not to hide all contact info till nobody can contact you. Tips : Check your email quota limit to make sure there are enough space otherwise email applications cannot get through.

Can I put 2 emails contact in my Job Ad?

No, you cannot put 2 emails contact in your job ad. Our system allows only 1 email in job ad, online job applications will not be sent to Employers if more than 1 email are entered into job ad. You will therefore think nobody has applied to your job ad.

What happens after the 30 days duration is up for Job Ads? Will there be Email Notification of Ad Expiry?

After 30 days, all Job Ads will be deleted from system. We suggest that you keep a copy of your own Job Ad for future reposting. Yes there will be Email Notification to your email 3 days before Ad Expiry.

What is Featured Job? Do I click "Feature Job" when posting Job Ad?

Featured Job means Featured Job Ad among so many other normal Job Ads. Your "Featured Job Ad" will go into another additional page called "Featured Jobs" for more selected enhanced exposure among so many other competing Job Ads. Usually the response is better for "Featured Job Ads" than normal Job Ads. If you have purchased "Featured Job Ad", then you can click "Yes" for Featured Job, otherwise leave it as "No".

How do Employers view a list of their Job Ads & numbers of jobs ads remaining to be posted?

Just login & click "My Job Ads" Section on the left navigation.

What is "Job Ad Applied Online"? How does it work?

"Job Ad Applied Online" is your folder for those job applicants using our Apply Online system to apply to your job ads. You would have received also an additional email application generated through our system to your email. For Job Seekers NOT using our Apply Online system, this folder will not capture Job Seekers' Resumes & Application. This folder will help you organise neatly who applied online through our system according to your job ad. You only need to key in your Job Ad ID to see the list of Job Seekers who applied online through our system.

What is "Job Ad Resume Match"? How does it work?

"Job Ad Resume Match" is our feature whereby your job ads are match with incoming resumes based on job category. You therefore has a pool of resumes to search suitable personnel. You only need to key in your Job Ad ID to see the list of resumes.

What is Search Resumes? Can Employers Search Resumes?

Search Resumes is a facility available for Employers to get instant candidates via searching resumes & viewing the resume contact from our online database. Employers can thus save time & just interview selected candidates' resumes.

How does Search Resumes work?

Employers can view any amount of the Resumes of job seekers in our database but not the contact details. To view Resumes, click "Details" in Search Resumes Result. To view contact details of candidates, click the "Name" in Search Resumes Result or click "View Contact" in Individual Resume Result. Employers need to purchase & order their required amount of view resume contact. Each click of View Contact will be counted as 1 resume searched. Employers need to order via email : the number of resumes view contact required. Employer's account will then be set within a few hours for employer to view contact details of the resumes. Employers need to send within 3 days the cheque payment to Anderson Internet Advertising Pte Ltd, 68C Jalan Lapang, Singapore 419011. (Note : Bulk Discount is available, email to enquire)

Can Employers save the Searched Resumes? How to view saved Resumes?

Yes, just Search Resumes & select chosen resume and clicked "Save Selected". To view Saved Resumes, on left navigation, click "Saved Resumes".

How can Employers edit a Company Profile?

Just login & click "Modify Profile" Section on the left navigation.

How can Employers upload a Company Logo? What is the image or file size limit?

Just login & click "My Company" Section on the left navigation. Logo image size limit is 500 X 150 pixels. Logo file size limit is 1000 kb or 1 mb. Email with logo attachment to to request resizing of logo & we will resize logo for you to upload again.

How will job seekers submit job application to Employers? Will there be any collection of job applications into Employer's Account such that Employer needs to login to view the job applications submitted?

Job Seekers will submit directly to Employers based on information provided. If Employers chooses to hide other information & only provide the email, then applicants will send job applications via email. (Tip : Double check email is working & correct and do not hide all information till nobody can contact you!) Yes, there is a collection of online job applications for job seekers that use our online job application into Employers' folder called "Job Ad Applied via Our Website". Employers need to login to view job applications submitted. There will be an additional email forwarding application for job seekers that use our online job application.

Will there be a reference that applicants are coming from

No, there will not be any reference provided by that applicants are coming from our website. If you have not advertise anywhere else, then likely applicants are coming from our website.

What is the likely response of my job ad on

The response of your job ad will depend on a range of factors. If economy is good, then there may not be many job applicants. If you are a well-known listed company, then of course many people will like to work for a stable well-known company then otherwise. If pay provided is very low, then response will be poor. Some positions are not very popular with job seekers too & thus response may not be good. Sometimes mistakes like not keying in correct email address may result in no response. There are also cases whereby Employers' email quotas are exceeded & no applicants email can go through resulting in thinking that there are no responses. (Note : Our system allows only 1 email in job ad, online job applications will not be sent to Employers if more than 1 email are entered into job ad)

I cannot login despite using the correct email & password. What should I do?

Check whether your password is correct or not; send a request for password by clicking onto "Lost Password" in "Employers" Section. Check whether did you key in the full email address; it must be full email address. Check whether your computer caps lock is on or off; it must be off. Check whether you have login in "Employers" Section & not others. Check whether you have added a full stop or a space after the email or password; there should be no full stop or space. If still cannot login, then it is possible that your account has been deleted due to invalid email or over quota email. Send an email : to request for help; giving email & password.

I have forgotten my login email & password. What should I do?

On the Main Home Page, below the Email & Password Login, Please click on the link "Forget Password?". You will then be asked for your registered email & we will email you the password.

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